Silver metal is divided into 3 types, including the Egyptian silver which has the lowest caliber 800, Turkish silver caliber is 925 and the Italian and Swiss silver caliber is 925.

A lot of people get confused between the Italian and Swiss silver, So we wrote this blog to guide you to differentiate between the two types because a lot of people consider them as one thing.

Even silver lovers cannot differentiate between those two types specifically and silver sellers give them the same name.

Why do we use Swiss silver in our products?

  • Swiss silver is every lady’s passion all over the world not only in Switzerland and this type is absolutely considered the best one so far.
  • One of the most important information about silver is that Swiss silver can be gold plated jewelry as well.
  • A lot of women prefer the gold plates Swiss silver because it looks pretty awesome, It looks the same as gold.
  • They also said that it retains its brightness and sparkle for more than 20 years.
  • it’s special and has a huge fan base.


The difference between Swiss and Italian silver?

  • Now we will try to cover everything you need to know about those two types considering that they are the most valuable types of silver existed.
  • The Italian silver is plated with platinum and white gold most of the time while the Swiss silver can be plated with gold which makes it looks like the yellow gold.
  • To know much better about them you will find that the Swiss silver is much brighter than the Italian one.
  • Italian silver is suitable for silver lovers and silver accessories while Swiss silver is suitable for gold lovers as it can look the same as gold when plated.


Which is better Italian silver or Swiss silver?

  • The answer to this question depends on the person who likes silver… Does he prefer the brightness? Does he like the special design much better or the silver whose color doesn’t fade away?
    Does he like gold-plated?
  • The Italian silver ring is special and you can write on it, silver lovers prefer the Italian one, on the other hand, plated metals lovers prefer the Swiss silver because it’s more cheerful and it lasts more than the Italian silver.
  • Swiss silver has colored stones in green, blue and red while Italian silver stones are always in silver.


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