When you’re shopping for jewelry, you’re going to run into the age-old debate. Is it better to get cheaper jewelry that will look almost the same as the real deal or splurge for the nice stuff? After all, you pay the extra price but you don’t know that

But we’re here to tell you cheap jewelry can wind up costing you a lot more in the long run and why it’s worth investing in high-quality pieces from the start.



One of the biggest downsides of cheap jewelry is that it can contain dangerous chemicals. You may know that lots of cheaper jewelry contain (or is entirely made of) nickel. But certain nickel compounds that might show up in cheaper jewelry can be carcinogens.

Cheaper jewelry may also contain chromium or even lead. We’re all familiar with the effects of lead poisoning, but chromium is also listed as a carcinogen by the American Cancer Society. This could be especially dangerous for small children whose bodies are still growing and developing.



Aside from the chemical dangers of cheap jewelry, these products could actually cost you more in replacements. Cheap fashion jewelry is going to break down much more quickly than the real deal. And in time, you could wind up spending more replacing your cheap jewelry than you would have spent on the good stuff in the first place.

Let’s say you pay 150 EGP for a simple necklace that you want to wear every day. Within a few days or weeks, you may notice the color of the necklace starting to change. Within a year, the chain on that necklace will likely have broken.

But instead, let’s say you spend 5000 EGP on a nice necklace made of pure gold. Within five years, that necklace will have more than paid for itself in money saved on replacements. And with the proper care, that necklace could last you decades, saving you hundreds of Pounds.



One of the other big pitfalls of low-quality jewelry is that the “gemstones” they’re using are very poor quality. If they’re real at all (and many are imitations), they’re going to be tiny or very flawed. It’s not worth spending money on a cheap gemstone if all you’re going to see in it is the flaws.

And as for the imitations, there’s a reason real gemstones are worth more. You simply aren’t going to get better clarity or sparkle than you will with a real gemstone. Trust us when we say it’s not worth spending money on something that will disappoint you every time you look at it.



Let’s say, though, that you have a gemstone that is so tiny you wouldn’t be able to see much sparkle or many flaws. It’s just a tiny accent stone on your jewelry to add some sparkle. But are you sure that is, in fact, a stone?

On further inspection, many accent “stones” don’t contain any gemstones at all. Rather, they’re just a thin coat of metal, often silver or gold brushed over the area of the accent “stone.” They may have some diamond dust mixed in for added sparkle, but there’s nothing genuine about those stones whatsoever.



Have you ever bought a piece of fashion jewelry only to have the stone fall out of it within a few months? This isn’t because of anything you did wrong, it’s a flaw with the original design of the piece. Cheap jewelry tends to have weak prongs holding any gemstones in place.

Strong prongs are one of the most important factors in good jewelry design. You want to make sure they won’t bend or break and that they won’t wear down, allowing the gem to fall out. But in cheap jewelry, the prongs are made just as shoddily as the rest of the piece, creating a weak spot that will break down in very short order.



We mentioned earlier that cheap jewelry often contains nickel. It’s a popular substitute for silver since it looks similar and is much cheaper to produce. But aside from any carcinogenic properties, nickel can cause problems for a number of people.

Many people with skin sensitivities may suffer from nickel allergies. This can cause swelling, redness, and even infections, and it can be very difficult to avoid in cheaper jewelry. High-quality jewelry will be made only from true materials such as gold and silver, making it much better for those with allergies.



When you’re looking at rings, one of the things you need to consider is the body of the ring. This is the part that wraps around your finger and which sees a lot of wear. It will be rubbing against your finger, gloves, and anything you’re carrying all day every day. Cheap rings will wear out quickly.

When your ring body begins to wear out, it can bend or even break. At that point, you’ll have to decide between buying a new ring and having that ring repaired. But higher-quality rings will come with solid bodies that will stand up to wear for many decades.



At first glance, cheap jewelry may seem like a good way to get the pieces you want on a budget. But in the long run, the downsides of cheap jewelry will outweigh the good. It’s better to save up and get a few quality pieces that you can enjoy for years than to waste money on cheap fashion jewelry.

If you’d like to find great-quality jewelry, check out the rest of our site at Bijaar. We have pieces that dazzle for prices you’ll love. Shop our new jewelry and start getting the beauty you deserve in your life today.

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