Each piece of our jewelry is handcrafted and therefore delicate. Please take care of your jewelry so you can enjoy them for a lifetime.

At Bijaar we solely work with and offer 925 Swiss silver and 18k Gold. These can all be cleaned with the soft cloth that you will receive along with your purchase.

One of the most important, basic things you can do yourself to protect your jewelry and keep it in stellar condition for years, is inspecting it regularly. Before you put on your jewelry, take a few moments to carefully look it over and ensure that nothing is loose or unsteady and that there are no hairline cracks or other issues.

If you notice the beginnings of damage in the first place you can prevent further damage. If one of the prongs of your gemstone setting seems insecure or overly worn, then you should avoid wearing the piece until a professional jeweler can check it out. Really, just admire your jewelry often to minimize potentially costly repairs and prevent headaches. Notice anything? Send us a photo or send the piece back to us all together for a touch-up.

How to maintain your items?

  • Avoid wearing your silver accessories when you go to the sea, swimming pool or spa otherwise all your silver jewelry will be black instead of silver.
  • Avoid using any unknown types of commercial cleaning solutions that are sold cheaply in the market because it turns silver to yellow.
  • We don’t recommend you to use any kind of toothpaste or sodium bicarbonate to polish the silver jewelry using a teeth brush because they contribute greatly to scratch your silver accessories.
  • One of the best ways to clean silver accessories is to clean them with cloth fabric because silver is never damaged by cloth and does not do what chemicals do.
  • Silver pieces must be kept on their own without being placed with non-original jewelry or metal accessories.
  • Silver accessories should be kept in a dry place away from water or any liquids and away from the humidity that causes the color change.
  • Oxygen and sulfur contribute to silver damage, so doctors are advised to take off rings made of silver in the lab.
  • Gold is not as reactive to air and skin as silver but still needs to be cleaned occasionally to keep its luster and shine, so a soft polishing cloth which has been impregnated will help keep your gold shining.
  • Oxidized silver jewelry is intended to look darkened, matte and black, so please DO NOT POLISH IT. Any solution will remove the oxidization patina. It’s best to keep it away from soap and any cleaning agents. We recommend a clean cloth and lukewarm water to clean oxidized silver jewelry.
  • Gemstones are porous rocks, and some stones easily absorb anything. A gentle wipe with a moist cloth is often enough.
  • Avoid direct contact with water (salt or pool water with chlorine) and chemicals such as bleach, sulfur, and detergents will erode the finish and polish of the gems leaving them dull. Hairspray, perfume, lotions, and excessive perspiration can also cause dullness if not regularly cleaned off.


It’s simply a matter of knowing what to do and what not to do when taking care of your item. and if you are interested in our products please CLICK HERE.