Allergic contact dermatitis to the skin caused by some metals is quite commonplace and is often the result of wearing costume jewelry containing nickel; it is especially noted as a problem for women.
Cobalt and chromate are also commonplace allergy-inducing metals. Allergic reactions to metals such as nickel can start at any age and may be short-term, or persist for life.


How to deal with it

So if you have a pretty severe nickel allergy. Nickel is found in cheap jewelry, costume jewelry, and despite common belief, it’s actually in *most* sterling silver.  you will found that nickel allergies can worsen if not taken care of, and seem to act up more during the warmer seasons and with jewelry that hasn’t been cleaned properly. Since you realizing this issue, you must do everything you can to prevent nickel from touching your ears.

  • Coat all of your ear wires with three coats of clear nail polish.  It doesn’t matter if the metal that is irritating you “technically” shouldn’t contain nickel – if it bothers you, put a barrier between that metal and your skin.
  • Dab cortisone cream on your irritated lobes or wherever your skin is acting up because of jewelry contact. It’ll calm it down.


Now if you wear Bijaar Jewelry your skin doesn’t act up anymore, Because our products are made from swiss silver and gold-plated, which does not expose any nickel to your skin.

We hope these tips can be pretty helpful to deal with your metal allergies.


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