Are you ready to upgrade your jewelry? You’ve reached the climax of your career and life. And you need your chain to reflect it.

It’s time to retire your fast-fashion chains and move into more luxurious pieces. Thankfully, luxury doesn’t have to be expensive. There are different types of chains that offer luxury at an affordable price!

Before selecting a type of chain necklace, think about what you will use it for the most. Do you have a pendant to place on the chain? Pendants may look better on some chain types than on others.

So if you are planning on wearing the chain solo, then you should think about which type of chain will complement your neck and style the best! You might already have a favorite, but don’t stop there! You may find a new chain worth showing off!


The cable chain is one of the most popular types of chains. It’s created from oval-shaped links and works well with pendants.

These chains resemble iron chains and are a more basic option. But being basic doesn’t have to mean boring!

The links in cable chains can be flattened or textured to give a more unique look than the round links. Either way, they are durable and easy to fix if broken and when coupled with your pendant, the cable chain does nothing less than stunning your peers.


The links in a curb chain have curves in them that link to one another. Even while laying the chain flat, the links will remain interlocked.

These chains come in larger, thicker options, or smaller, thinner ones. The small, thin curb chains are perfect for a woman’s neck! And they tend to go better with pendants as well!

The flat interlocking link design allows for pendants to rest gracefully on your chest. They also do an amazing job of reflecting light! The most important part is how great they look on you, but another offered quality is low-maintenance.


The Figaro chain was inspired by the curb chain but has been modified to be it’s own. The links still remain interlocked when laid flat, but vary in size. Some links are larger or smaller than others on the same chain and alternate with one another.


The rope chain gets its name from its similarity in looks to that of a rope. The links are woven together in a way that resembles fabrics in a rope. This attractive chain is one of the most popular chains.

Rope chains work well on their own, or with pendants. Thicker rope chains make a fashion statement of their own. Delicate rope chains are stunning with a pendant to marry it.


The Singapore chain molds together the beauty of a rope chain with the flawlessness of a curb chain. The links are flat and curved. When the chain is laid out in your hands, it gives off the sensation of a liquid running through your fingers.

These chains are extremely strong, so they are great for holding pendants. It’s simple, yet fabulous.


The links on a snake chain are closely knitted with one another. This design creates a smooth round look, resembling that of a snake. It also has the same flexibility as a snake’s body.

The rings on this chain are not visible, and the chain does not have much texture. Because of the close-fitting links, these chains don’t tangle easily with themselves or your hair! These chains are great for pendants as they are normally narrow and delicate.


The links on a box chain are in the shape of small boxes. They are square links and when connected, form a smooth chain. They come in wide forms and narrow forms.

Because the width of box chains vary, they are suitable to wear for men and women. The narrow options are perfect for pendants, while the wider options are still a splendid choice for a woman. A woman choosing to wear a wider box chain would not match it with a pendant.


The Spiga, or wheat chain, is no doubt an eye-catcher! The links on a Spiga chain are oval and twist together. This chain has a lot of texture!

The overall appearance of the Spiga chain mirrors that of a wheat stalk tip. The brilliant texture has fiber-like threads that cross through one another. There are normally four strands that braid into one another. This chain is spectacular on its own or with a pendant!


The different types of necklace chains listed above are some of our favorites! So we know you’ll love them too! The different types of jewelry chains give you plenty of options to choose from.

No matter what your style of the day is, there is a perfect chain type to compliment it! Whether you want to rock it solo, or place your favorite pendant on it, there is a chain for you.

Don’t have a favorite pendant? Not all chains require a pendant to look fantastic, but pendants are a great accessory to wear with your chains. Shop here to find a pendant that you’ll love!

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