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Find your perfect ring to look more attractive

Every girl needs special rings to reflect her style in a perfect way, and there are many types of rings that can blow your mind because we all know that you girls are obsessed with wearing rings all the time to make you feel unique and beautiful. Therefore, we are here today to tell you […]

Tips: How to deal with metal allergies

Allergic contact dermatitis to the skin caused by some metals is quite commonplace and is often the result of wearing costume jewelry containing nickel; it is especially noted as a problem for women. Cobalt and chromate are also commonplace allergy-inducing metals. Allergic reactions to metals such as nickel can start at any age and may […]

Everything you need to know before buying Jewelry

Buying jewelry isn’t always as easy as it may seem and it is an intensely personal and precious way to express style, even for men. It helps define how we present ourselves to the world. So When it comes to buying online, consumers face a dizzying array of choices in terms of quality and price […]

Tips: How to take care of your Jewelry?

Each piece of our jewelry is handcrafted and therefore delicate. Please take care of your jewelry so you can enjoy them for a lifetime. At Bijaar we solely work with and offer 925 Swiss silver and 18k Gold. These can all be cleaned with the soft cloth that you will receive along with your purchase. […]

How to secure your online financial transactions?

Shopping and banking online occur constantly in the Internet marketplace. Unfortunately, online fraud and identity theft occur just as frequently, thanks to clever thieves and sloppy consumer Internet shopping habits. Online transactions always carry some risk, but consumers can do many things to increase their security on the Web.   If our consumers wanting to […]