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The Peridot Bible: Everything you need to know about it

Peridot is one of the most visually striking gemstones, with its mix of bright summery greens and gorgeous glowing golden tones. Unlike many gemstones, which are colored by impurities and known as allochromatic, Peridot is idiochromatic, which means its color comes from the chemical composition of the gem. It has a fascinating history stretching back […]

The Pearl Bible: Everything you need to know about it

Pearl is one of the oldest, most desired and most spectacular gemstones in the world. Formed differently to most gems, Pearl is an organic creation found in the sea, a natural phenomenon that actually occurs as part of the defense mechanism of a mollusk shell. Coming in all shapes, sizes, and colors, Pearl has shown […]

The Birthstones Bible: Discover Your Birthstone Color By Month

If you don’t know what the birthstones are for each month, we’re here to help. Everyone has a birthstone that represents their month of birth, and they make fantastic gifts for someone special. But did you know that each birthstone has a significant history and meaning? Find out everything you need to know about birthstones […]

Moonstone: Your favorite dream stone

Moonstone is a magical stone, you just have to look at it to know that there’s a lot more going on than just minerals. Moonstone jewelry is mesmerizingly beautiful, especially when the stones are set into silver as it enhances the moonlike qualities. This stunning stone is more than just a pretty face! Despite its […]

How to wear an ankle bracelet in a stylish way?

When you want to leave the house a lot of times you may feel that your look is missing something attractive and modern. So In this article, we will make you change your look more beautiful and more modern through the ankle bracelet so read the following few lines: WHAT IS AN ANKLE BRACELET AND […]

Find your perfect ring to look more attractive

Every girl needs special rings to reflect her style in a perfect way, and there are many types of rings that can blow your mind because we all know that you girls are obsessed with wearing rings all the time to make you feel unique and beautiful. Therefore, we are here today to tell you […]

What Makes Diamonds So Expensive?

There is no denying the elegance and beauty of Diamonds. Diamonds add a touch of decadence and luxury to all they adorn, and they’re renowned the world over for their style and sophistication. With that being acknowledged, it’s fair to say that they’re also incredibly expensive. Although most of us accept the high price tag, […]

Tips: How to deal with metal allergies

Allergic contact dermatitis to the skin caused by some metals is quite commonplace and is often the result of wearing costume jewelry containing nickel; it is especially noted as a problem for women. Cobalt and chromate are also commonplace allergy-inducing metals. Allergic reactions to metals such as nickel can start at any age and may […]

How to choose the perfect earrings for your face shape?

Have you ever headed down the path of choosing a design, get really excited about picking the beads, shopping for all the supplies, then make the design, only to try it on then feel less than thrilled? Now, we here going to tell you – there’s a way to choose the right shape earrings for […]

Everything you need to know before buying Jewelry

Buying jewelry isn’t always as easy as it may seem and it is an intensely personal and precious way to express style, even for men. It helps define how we present ourselves to the world. So When it comes to buying online, consumers face a dizzying array of choices in terms of quality and price […]