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How to Wear Pearls and Look so Fashionable?

Pearls are the most beautiful and classic kind between all kinds of jewelry so If you are want to wear it and afraid if you look like not fashionable in this article we will lead you to be gorgeous in a simple way and tell you how to buy some great Pearls design that suits […]

Find your perfect ring to look more attractive

Every girl needs special rings to reflect her style in a perfect way, and there are many types of rings that can blow your mind because we all know that you girls are obsessed with wearing rings all the time to make you feel unique and beautiful. Therefore, we are here today to tell you […]

Tips: Creative and Clever Ways to Organize your Jewelry

If your room confused and your Jewelry is mass and you need a solution for all these untidy things. Don’t get confused because we will lead you to care with your special pieces by professional tips we will say for you some ways and tips to save your jewelry and accessories and make them new […]

Ring Size Guide: Find the perfect size for you

Ring Size Guide The one thing that tends to baffle those who are looking for the perfect ring is determining their ring size. If you are looking for a ring as a gift for that special someone, this process becomes twice as difficult, especially if you wish for the ring to be a surprise. Luckily […]

Tips: How to take care of your Jewelry?

Each piece of our jewelry is handcrafted and therefore delicate. Please take care of your jewelry so you can enjoy them for a lifetime. At Bijaar we solely work with and offer 925 Swiss silver and 18k Gold. These can all be cleaned with the soft cloth that you will receive along with your purchase. […]

Why we use Swiss silver in our products?

Silver metal is divided into 3 types, including the Egyptian silver which has the lowest caliber 800, Turkish silver caliber is 925 and the Italian and Swiss silver caliber is 925. A lot of people get confused between the Italian and Swiss silver, So we wrote this blog to guide you to differentiate between the […]