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The Diamond Bible: Everything you need to know about it

Diamond is one gemstone that needs no introduction, the most famous of all the precious stones. Diamonds have been used in jewelry for many generations, and are coveted perhaps more than any other gemstone. The story of Diamond begins over 500 million years ago, deep within the Earth’s Mantle, where they were formed under immense […]

What Makes Diamonds So Expensive?

There is no denying the elegance and beauty of Diamonds. Diamonds add a touch of decadence and luxury to all they adorn, and they’re renowned the world over for their style and sophistication. With that being acknowledged, it’s fair to say that they’re also incredibly expensive. Although most of us accept the high price tag, […]

Best diamond alternatives to save your money

WHAT ARE THE BEST ALTERNATIVES TO DIAMONDS? Diamonds may be some women’s best friend, but they’re not for everyone. Yes, they’re beautiful, durable, sparkly and timeless, but they are practically expensive gemstones for various reasons: They are extremely rare and take a massive amount of resources to produce from. If you’re on the hunt for […]