The Founding of Bijaar

Simply, we have a great team of professional designers and jewelry experts who have a passion for jewelry, and you will find that you are dealing with experts who handpick earth’s finest gems.

Our team has an amazing ability to transform any gems into gorgeous jewelry and accessories, which will make you have the best experience ever.

We are always seeking to give you something that can astonish all of you, and we have succeeded in making this step with our customers.

You will have great handmade jewelry and accessories, which are famous for their simple and unique designs, and you will notice that all the designs are using the same factories as a luxury brand.

We provide you high-quality products, which are made with precision and details, and we offer them is affordable prices and you will never find that thing at any other place except us.


By Women, for Women

Bijaar believes that the expression of all women is what makes us aim to override all the expectations, so we are making spectacular jewels with an amazing design.

We are always seeking to redefine what it means to be a woman, so you will find with us so many collections manifest the creation of a new world, which is famous for their modern and new design, and all of them are elegant, simple and independent.


Our Story

in July 2017 The Founder has decided to create a brand for the women of today, and we have succeeded in turning our passion for jewelry into one project for life.

Today, we reach our goals, and we feel so proud of ourselves because we were able to make fabulous experiences with our products, and we have unique customers, who trust us.


Our Secret

You should know that our secret lies in avoid expensive stores that’s why we are using an online-based model, and there are only a few places do what we do here in Egypt.

You have to know that we even manufacture our jewelry in our workshops as luxury brands, but we are unique because we sell it at a lower price.


Our Message

We are seeking to give you the best kinds of jewelry, and we consider living a conscious life will always be our big deal, and we have succeeded in turning the little things into big things, which will blow your mind.



Our Vision

We are reflecting our classy culture through a variety of handmade jewelry and accessories, which are designed by a multitude of artists, who have one mission, and that is in making people slow down and see the magic encompassing them.

By buying, our jewelry you will present inner goodness and unconditional love to all the people you love, and you will feel so happy when you give your beloved one the best kinds of handmade jewelry, which you will never find at any other place.