Jewelry Care Guide


You’ve searched forever and found what you were looking for, and now you want to wear it all day, every day!

We get it, you want to wear your beautiful pieces 24-7, but for a lot of jewelry that is not ideal. While some earrings and rings can be worn always and rarely taken off, for the most part, you should develop a jewelry care process to keep your favorites in great shape.

Jewelry care should be an extension of your self-care routine, taking pride in the pieces you’ve lovingly chosen or have been gifted!



Always remove jewelry before exercise. Believe it or not, our own sweat can cause metals to change color or oxidize. Careful weight training as well. You can damage or bend rings when handling a barbell and the like.

Always remove jewelry before swimming, hot-tubbing, or going into a sauna. Chemicals in pools and the heat in saunas (and even ocean water) can permanently damage jewelry.

Always remove jewelry before bed. Chains especially can become entangled as we can move a lot in our sleep. Earring posts can also cause discomfort when lying on your side.

Jewelry should be the last thing you put on when getting ready. Perfumes, lotions, sunscreen, and hair products can alter metal colors and permanently damage pearls, opals, and other soft stones.

When not wearing your jewelry, store cleaned pieces in a cloth pouch (for gold or costume pieces), or in small plastic baggies (for silver and gold plated). Try not to store chains together as they can easily become tangled, and always do up the clasp!



All of the General Care tips listed above would apply to Gold pieces as well.
Clean regularly with a jewelry cleaning cloth or mild soapy water. Using a soft toothbrush, scrub the metal gently. Rinse thoroughly under warm water, avoiding the sink drain. Dry with a clean, lint-free cloth. Do not soak or brush delicate gemstones that are mounted in your gold jewelry such as pearls, mother of pearl, opal, moonstone.

The most common issue with rings we wear every day is hand cream and sunscreen building up around the stones. Diamonds attract oils and dirt, so if you can remove your rings when applying creams, this will decrease the need for cleaning to keep your sparkles sparkling!



The color change of the gold plating depends on the client’s behavior.
Silver can oxidize depending on what it is exposed to. Great news it can come back to its beautiful luster very quickly and easily with a polishing cloth.
For highly ornate pieces, really dirty or oxidized silver, or matte finish pieces, a gentle scrub with a paste made of baking soda and water and a soft toothbrush, or your fingers, can clean silver beautifully. Make sure to rinse and dry well afterward and before putting it away for storage.



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