Bracelets have been dazzling people for centuries and are often described as the perfect arm candy! Over time, bracelets have become more and more adored, with new and fascinating styles becoming available to buy. We’ve listed our top five favorite bracelet styles, and why we love them so much. These designs are guaranteed to stand the test of time and make people ask, “What are you wearing?”!


Charm bracelets help tell a story and are something that will be cherished forever. Charms add a personal touch to jewelry, and you will always find fun and inspiring charm designs to add to your charm collection. Plus, bracelet charms are ideal when you want to add a bit of personality to a plain silver or gold bracelet.


Bangles are a type of bracelet that has no flexibility, that originated in India and have been around for centuries. Nowadays, bangles are worn and appreciated all over the world, with a myriad of fascinating designs available. Bangles are a great accessory on their own or with a couple of them stacked together.


Slider bracelets are a revolutionary jewelry trend that we can’t get enough of. Slider bracelets are praised by many for their functionality; they enable you to adjust the size of the bracelet easily with an adjustable clasp. So there’s very little chance of losing them, and they will fit perfectly every single time.


When professional tennis player Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet during an intense match, little did she know that she had created a new trend! A tennis bracelet is a flexible bracelet that has one or multiple rows of gemstones carefully assembled close together. They are delicately elegant and are something that should be worn on special occasions.


Cuff bracelets are very similar to bangles, in that they are solid. The difference is that cuffs have gaps, and the metalwork doesn’t meet. Cuff bracelets are the best way to add a bold statement to a simple outfit.

As well as these fantastic styles, there are many other bracelet styles to choose from, like beaded bracelets and friendship bracelets. Remember it’s all down to personal preference, so pick a style that you are happy with wearing. Start right here to find your perfect bracelet from here. 😉