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Our jewelry is handcrafted by generational jewelers in Egypt.

We use Sterling Silver and Solid Gold to craft our jewelry. Our gemstones range from precious stones such as Diamonds, Rubies, and Emeralds, to semi-precious stones such as Turquoise, Opal, and Moonstone. Some pieces are inlaid with natural stones like the mother of pearl. All of our stones are ethically mined and sourced.

We use 18k Solid Gold in our jewelry. The K indicates the karat weight, which refers to the amount of pure gold in the alloy, as pure gold is too soft to use for jewelry making. 18k gold is an approximate mix of 75% pure gold with 25% other alloyed metals.

Items that have the GIA/HRD certificate mentioned in their description come with the GIA/HRD certificate. Diamonds have to be over 0.30ct per piece.

The report provides details about the cut, clarity, and carat weight, along with measurements and other additional information confirming the authenticity and quality of the diamond.

You can select from a variety of diamond shapes and cuts (brilliant, pear, marquise, princess, oval, etc.).

The GIA/HRD grades diamonds on a scale of D (colorless) through Z (light color). The diamonds we select for our designs correspond to colors G or H, which means that they are nearly colorless and only a professional gemologist can detect the difference between colors.

Sterling Silver is an alloy of 92.5% fine silver and 7.5% Copper. Copper naturally gives off a lot of oxygen, which is why you’ll notice that your Sterling Silver oxidizes. But the good news is that you can easily polish the oxidation off with a jewelry polishing cloth to keep your silver looking new.

Our gold-plated jewelry uses Sterling Silver as its base metal and is then coated in a layer of gold at least 1.5/2 microns thick.

Our lifetime warranty supports the repair or replacement of our solid gold jewelry if said item is deemed to have a manufacturing defect by our quality assurance team. This does not include plating wear or breakage due to normal wear and tear or improper usage.

Within 3 months of purchase: Bijaar covers the repair/replacement cost associated with any defect. This cost is inclusive of a prepaid return label and domestic outbound shipping to return your repaired/replacement item to you. We do not cover the repair cost if the product is damaged due to improper care. This is inclusive but not limited to bent metals, chemical reactions, and drastic plating wear from improper care.

For further information regarding our jewelry care, you can find everything here!

We accept payments via Vodafone Cash and all major credit and debit cards such as Mastercard, VISA and we also have Cash on delivery option.

It takes up to 3 to 5 days for the item to be ready, our working days are from Mondays to Thursdays, which means Fridays and Saturdays are off! (There will be no working on your item(s) but we can place your order(s). Then, the courier company picks it up then delivers it to you within 48 hrs. There are exceptions sometimes for special fast delivery, if you’d like more information please let us know, at [email protected]!

After your payment is verified, it takes up to 48 hours to process and ship your order. This does not include weekends or holidays. Purchases made after 1 pm will not be shipped out until the next business day. If you order after 9 am on a Friday, your order will likely be shipped out on the following Sunday.

You’re probably traumatized from a purchase or a gift gone wrong in the past, right? Your skin had a reaction, and now you believe you can only wear “real” silver/gold. Well, We’ve tested our jewelry on dozens of women with sensitive skin and allergies to metals, and have not once had a problem. However, everyone’s skin is different, so we can not 100% guarantee your experience with it.

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The Standard courier delivery time frame is approximately 5 working days and the Express courier is approximately 3 working days from the time of placing your order. This is applicable only to all Singapore deliveries. For all international deliveries, the time taken is dependent on our logistics partners and their affiliates.

To measure your ring/necklace/bracelet/anklet size, you can refer to our size guide here!

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18K Gold Amethyst Diamond Ring

25000 EGP

Materials: 18K Gold & Amethyst & Diamond. Measures: 8x10mm Amethyst & (2 pcs 2.5mm) 0.10ct HVS1 Diamond. Band Thickness: 1.5mm. Made to Order.

18K Gold Aquamarine Necklace

15000 EGP

Materials: 18K Gold & Aquamarine. Measures: 4mm Aquamarine. Made to Order.

18K Gold Arch Pear Diamond Wedding Band

18K Gold Arch Pear Diamond Wedding Band

75000 EGP

Materials: 18K Gold & Diamond. Measures: 9 pcs Brilliant Diamond Cut - 0.58ct HVS1 Diamond. Band Thickness: 1.5mm. Made to Order.

18K Gold Australian Opal and Emerald Necklace

25000 EGP

Materials: 18K Gold & Opal & Emerald. Measures: 11x13mm Australian opal & 3mm Zambian Emerald. ONE OF A KIND.

18K Gold Baby Diamond Necklace

10000 EGP

Materials: 18K Gold & Diamond. Measures: (1 pcs 2.5mm) 0.6ct HVS1 Diamond. For bigger diamond size please message us we can customize for you. Made to Order.

18K Gold Baguette Diamond Cluster Necklace

50000 EGP

Materials: 18K Gold & Diamond. Measures: 3 pcs Baguette Brilliant Diamond Cut (3pcs 3.5x2mm) – 15 pcs Round Brilliant Diamond Cut (1.5mm) – 0.42ct HVS1 Diamond. Made to Order.

18K Gold Basket Diamond Ring

100000 EGP

Materials: 18K Gold & Diamond. Measures: (7 pcs 3mm) 0.77ct HVS1 Diamond. Made to Order.

18K Gold Box Chain Bracelet

5000 EGP

Materials: 18K Gold. Made to Order.

18K Gold Box Chain Necklace

9000 EGP

Materials: 18K Gold. Made to Order.

18K Gold Bridges Triple Diamond Band

35000 EGP

Materials: 18K Gold & Diamond. Measures: (14 pcs 1mm) 0.7ct HVS1 Diamond. Made to Order.

18K Gold Bubble Prong Diamond Band

55000 EGP

Materials: 18K Gold & Diamond. Measures: (15pcs 2mm) 0.45ct HVS1 Diamond. Wide Band: 2mm. Made to Order.

18K Gold Cabochon Moonstone Diamond Ring

25000 EGP

Materials: 18K Gold & Moonstone & Diamond. Measures: 6x8mm Moonstone & 0.12ct HVS1 Diamond. Band Thickness: 1.5mm. Made to Order.